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Affymetrix and IPSOGEN Collaborate to Develop and Market In-Vitro Diagnostic Cancer Tests

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Affymetrix Inc. and IPSOGEN has announced that they have signed a Powered by Affymetrix™ (PbA) agreement. With this agreement, IPSOGEN gains non-exclusive access to Affymetrix microarray technology to develop and market in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests, initially for breast cancer, on a worldwide basis.

The PbA agreement enables IPSOGEN to incorporate Affymetrix arrays into its diagnostic products. The resulting microarray-based tests will enable clinicians to provide more efficient and complete methods to diagnose, classify and manage patients suffering from cancer.

"This agreement with Affymetrix, the world leader in microarray-based technology, provides IPSOGEN with the most advanced platform meeting the highest industry standards to support our new generation of IVD-profiling diagnostic products," said Vincent Fert, president and CEO of IPSOGEN.

"IPSOGEN's strong expertise in delivering high medical value IVD products in the field of blood cancers will be leveraged together with our new PbA capabilities to expedite the launch of a range of innovative and unique IVD tests for guiding breast cancer therapies," said Fert.

"The microarray-based tools and applications in the Powered by Affymetrix™ program continue to accelerate the discovery and development of oncology diagnostics products," said Noel Doheny, senior vice president, Molecular Diagnostics at Affymetrix. "This is the era of personalized medicine and we are pleased that another innovator in the molecular diagnostic field like IPSOGEN has adopted our proven technology platform."