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Affymetrix and PathWork Forge Collaboration to Develop New Cancer Diagnostics

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Affymetrix Inc. and PathWork Informatics Inc. have announced that Affymetrix has granted PathWork long-term non-exclusive access to its microarray technology to develop and market in-vitro diagnostic tests for cancer.

Under the agreement, PathWork has the right to use Affymetrix microarray technology for the development of tests for cancer of unknown primary, as well as the option to develop other cancer tests.

The resulting microarray products would enable clinicians to provide more efficient and complete methods to diagnose, classify and manage cancer.

The collaboration, reached under the Powered by Affymetrix™ program, allows PathWork to incorporate Affymetrix' patented arrays into PathWork Oncology Suites, the company's diagnostic kits currently under development.

PathWork is creating next-generation cancer diagnostics that help oncologists make accurate diagnoses, informed prognoses, and optimal treatment decisions for their patients. The company's first three product candidates focus on metastatic tumors, as well as prostate cancer and colon cancer.

"This agreement marks an important milestone for PathWork, allowing us to focus on leveraging our proprietary technology for discovering high-performance, gene expression-based diagnostic tests," said Glenda Anderson, CEO of PathWork Informatics.

"Affymetrix' technology provides a proven microarray platform for our kits, and its widespread use makes this collaboration a natural choice for PathWork."

"Microarray-based tools and applications are accelerating the discovery and implementation of clinical oncology diagnostics in this era of molecular medicine," said Robert Lipshutz, Ph.D., Senior Vice President Molecular Diagnostics and Emerging Markets at Affymetrix.

"We are pleased that PathWork chose Affymetrix technology and believe that the growing Powered by Affymetrix program continues to demonstrate that the innovators in the diagnostic field are adopting our proven technology platform."