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Artel Participates in Study Mission Workshop at Lean Operations Summit

Artel Participates in Study Mission Workshop at Lean Operations Summit  content piece image
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Artel, a long-time believer and practitioner of efficient practices throughout its organization, will host and participate in an intensive on-site Study Mission led by Alan G. Robinson, Ph.D., prestigious educator and author, as part of the 2017 Lean Operations Summit (August 10th). Working closely with Artel specialists, as well as participants from sectors including government, manufacturing and services, Dr. Robinson will conduct a comprehensive Lean practices audit, touring the Artel facility and taking a close look at several key laboratory and manufacturing systems and processes. Robinson will then discuss among participants various methods for achieving transformation within one’s own organization. The workshop and results will be open to visiting Lean Summit attendees.

“A thought leader in managing high-performing organizations and lean production, Dr. Robinson has advised more than 300 companies across 25 countries on how to improve their performance,” said Doreen Rumery, Calibration Lab Manager. “Committed to constant self-improvement, we are extremely excited for the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and identify ways to improve our idea systems.” 

The Study Mission at Artel will begin with an overview of the company and its lean manufacturing practices. Then the participants will engage in a “gemba walk”, a fundamental part of Lean management. The observations and insights gained during the walk, under Robinson’s guidance, will lead the group to identify potential operational opportunities for optimization. Finally, the Mission will include a follow-up discussion and consultation.

Co-author of 10 business management books, Alan Robinson specializes in training and education programs for employees at all levels in implementing lean practices, providing assessments and recommendations on improving existing lean protocols. Robinson has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft, Raytheon, Massachusetts Mutual.

Held by the Continuous Improvement Lean Collaborative (CILC), the 2017 Lean Operations Summit brings private and public business leaders together to discuss collaboration and innovation using Lean improvement principles. Various workshops are held across healthcare, manufacturing, government and finance that highlight how a several industry leaders are implementing Lean to improve organizational effectiveness.