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bioMérieux and NuGEN Technologies Announce Cross-License and Supply Agreement

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bioMérieux and NuGEN Technologies, Inc. have announced an agreement to cross-license intellectual property, as well as a supply agreement for NuGEN's exclusive WT-Ovation RNA Amplification System.

The agreement gives bioMérieux non-exclusive rights to specific NuGEN amplification technologies that will enable bioMérieux to create and market in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests requiring amplification for expression analysis.

In return, NuGEN will gain access to patented bioMérieux linear amplification technologies using chimeric primers, including extensive OEM rights for the research market. As a result, NuGEN will be able to broaden its substantial intellectual property portfolio in this area.

The dual accord will enable bioMérieux to integrate NuGEN technologies for the development of a highly sensitive and automatable microarray-based assay for cancer with the objective to increase test easy-of-use and to reduce the time from sample acquisition to diagnosis.

"NuGEN's whole transcriptome approach, in combination with our linear amplification technologies, further enhances our amplification capabilities,” explained Peter Kaspar, bioMérieux Corporate Vice President of research and development.

"WT-Ovation technology will enable us to develop and commercialize standardized IVD solutions for oncology that can be used nimbly in a clinical setting. Ultimately, this new system will reduce the time between sample acquisition and critical diagnosis, allowing physicians to make important and personalized decisions about a patient's therapy," added Kaspar.

"bioMérieux's selection is an important validation that WT-Ovation technology will enable a broad range of diagnostic tests for clinical use," noted Elizabeth A. Hutt, chief executive officer, NuGEN Technologies, Inc.

"In this case, it demonstrates that our whole transcriptome strategy can be employed to create IVD assays that will help physicians tailor highly effective therapies for the millions of people stricken each year with cancer," Hutt continued.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.