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BioMicro Systems and NimbleGen Systems Enter into an OEM Agreement to Deliver an Integrated Microarray Solution

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BioMicro® Systems has announced a non-exclusive OEM agreement with NimbleGen Systems whereby BioMicro Systems will manufacture NimbleGen-branded hybridization instruments and custom hybridization chambers designed to work with the NimbleChip high-definition microarray platform.

This OEM agreement allows NimbleGen customers access to BioMicro System hybridization technology that consistently produces high-quality results.

"BioMicro Systems welcomes this OEM collaboration with NimbleGen Systems enabling both companies to offer the best microarray hybridization systems in the industry," stated Michael Feldman, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of BioMicro Systems. "We believe that researchers will benefit from the BioMicro Systems proven hybridization technology seamlessly integrated with the NimbleGen array platform."

"We're thrilled to be working with BioMicro Systems," said Dr. Stan Rose, NimbleGen President and Chief Executive Officer. "We have used their products in our service operation for quite some time with great success and are looking forward to offering our array-delivery customers one-stop shopping for these products needed for performing high-quality microarray experiments."