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Biosearch Technologies Takes License to CDC H1N1 Signatures and Influenza a Sub-Typing Patent

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Biosearch becomes the first to license these CDC Influenza signatures. The license confers to Biosearch rights under the CDC patents to manufacture and sell oligonucleotides bearing the H1N1 and Influenza A sub-typing signatures. 

Marc Beal, Director of Corporate Development at Biosearch Technologies, comments, “By licensing these CDC Influenza patents, Biosearch becomes the first authorized licensed supplier of CDC H1N1 and Influenza Sub-typing Panel sequences.  Combined with the Roche 5’ Nuclease probe patent license, Biosearch intends to provide dual labeled 5’ nuclease probes to the growing number of Roche licensed CLIA labs providing molecular diagnostic services.  The CDC H1N1 and Influenza Sub-typing panel signatures will be provided as custom ASRs, IVD and research quality oligo components.”

As the inventors of BHQ® (Black Hole Quencher®) technology which is fundamental to the performance of the CDC probes, Biosearch will provide access to gold standard 5’-Nuclease BHQ probes for H1N1 testing labs around the world.