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Clinical Data's Cogenics Division Launches Services on Roche 454 GS FLX Sequencing System on Schedule

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Clinical Data Inc. has announced that its Cogenics division has successfully launched the 454 Genome Sequencer FLX system (the 454 FLX system) at its facility in Meylan, France, some eight weeks after the signing of the co-marketing agreement with Roche Diagnostics Inc., to offer next generation sequencing services.

The system enhances Cogenics' portfolio of services by providing whole genome sequencing, Expressed Sequence Tag sequencing, and identification of small RNAs, transcriptome analysis, and metagenomics on the new platform.

"Our team is enthusiastic about the level of customer interest in the 454 FLX system and pleased to be able to meet our customers' growing needs by providing complete solutions for low-cost and high-efficiency sequencing programs," stated Robert Bondaryk, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cogenics.

"We have already attracted new customers for the first projects on the platform and we have a strong pipeline of current and new customer interest in 454 FLX sequencing as a companion to traditional automated Sanger sequencing,” Bondaryk added.

"I am truly excited about the speed and professionalism with which our team installed the 454 technology. This represents another example of Cogenics' strong technical abilities and commitment to leveraging proven advances in technology and quality for its clients," stated Drew Fromkin, Clinical Data's President and CEO. "We feel that the platform's ability to deliver value to our clients will translate into rapid, healthy returns for Cogenics.”