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Compendia Bioscience and Ingenuity Partner to Integrate Cancer Gene Signature Data with Network Analysis Tools

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Compendia Bioscience and Ingenuity Systems® have announced the integration of their flagship products Oncomine™ Professional and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis.

These integrated products will allow users to navigate directly from cancer gene signatures discovered in Oncomine Professional to the curated pathway information available from Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA).

Oncomine Professional is a growing compendium of transcriptome profiles coupled with analysis functions and a web application for data mining and visualization.

Comprised of thousands of profiles representing every major type of cancer, Oncomine Professional was developed to exploit this data for therapeutic target discovery, validation, and prioritization.

Ingenuity Pathways Analysis is a software application that can enable biologists and bioinformaticians to identify the biological mechanisms, pathways, and functions most relevant to their experimental datasets or genes of interest.