New Molecular Therapy Restores Insulation on Peripheral Nerves in Mice

News   Feb 13, 2018 | Original story by Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Experimental Therapy Restores Nerve Insulation Damaged by Disease

This image from a paper in Nature Medicine shows how inhibiting an enzyme called HDAC3 in mice increases the expansion of Schwann cells (green). Schwann cells form a protective insulating layer called the myelin sheath around the nerves. Blocking HDAC3 increases the production of myelin proteins, shown in red.Credit: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center



I See What You're Thinking: Successful Image Reconstruction Using EEG


In a world first, scientists have been able to recreate images perceived by test subjects using only data from their EEG scans.


Human Malaria Parasites Grown for the First Time in Dormant Form


One of the biggest obstacles to eradicating malaria is a dormant form of the parasite which is resistant to most antimalarial drugs and can reawaken years later, causing disease relapse. Researchers have shown they can grow the dormant parasite in engineered human liver tissue for several weeks, allowing them to closely study how the parasite becomes dormant, what vulnerabilities it may have, and how it springs back to life.


Transplanting Stem Cells directly into the Cerebrospinal Fuid Reduces the Amount of Succinate, Reprograms Macrophages and Microglia


Scientists have shown in mice that skin cells re-programmed into brain stem cells, transplanted into the central nervous system, help reduce inflammation and may be able to help repair damage caused by multiple sclerosis (MS).



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Ashok Sewgobind | Feb 14, 2018

This is great news. As a AMN patient, im still waiting for the right cure or medicine. I hope this will do it.

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