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Galapagos Featured in Leading Drug Discovery Journal

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Galapagos NV has announced that an article presenting the Company's approach to target discovery will appear in the October 15, 2005 issue of Drug Discovery.

The paper, entitled “Biology calls the targets: combining RNAi and disease biology”, gives insight into how Galapagos applies its proprietary RNA interference technology.

Furthermore, the article explains how this biology-driven approach can be used to functionally validate drug targets for major human diseases.

“Galapagos has built extensive expertise in using RNAi to discover and validate novel drug targets in a wide range of disease areas,” said Onno van de Stolpe, CEO of Galapagos.

“Our scientists were invited to present our protein knock-down technology using adenovirus-based RNAi libraries to discover new targets in human primary cells.”

“There is particularly strong interest in RNAi in the pharmaceutical industry and we believe targets identified using our approach could improve overall success rates in the drug discovery process.”

“The confidence is underscored by the fact that our pharmaceutical partners have taken targets identified using this biology-driven strategy, forward into their internal drug discovery programs.”