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Genaissance Enters into HAP™ Technology License Agreement with Sankyo

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Genaissance Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Sankyo, Co., Ltd., under which the companies will apply Genaissance's HAP™ Technology in conjunction with the focused therapeutic areas of Sankyo.

The goal of the collaboration is to discover genetic markers related to drug response and then validate these genetic markers and create a companion diagnostic test that will guide therapy.

Under the terms of the agreement, Genaissance will receive license and other fees from Sankyo, including fees for genotyping clinical samples and analyzing the genetic and clinical data.

In addition, Genaissance has certain rights for the co-development and co-commercialization of a companion genetic test.

“We are very pleased that Sankyo chose Genaissance to help them integrate pharmacogenomics into drug development,” said Kevin Rakin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Genaissance Pharmaceuticals.

“This is our second agreement with a major Japanese pharmaceutical company and we hope to see more such agreements with Japanese companies in the future.”

“We believe this agreement is an indication that pharmaceutical companies all over the world are now beginning to use pharmacogenomics as a tool to improve the success rate of clinical trials and bring innovative drugs to the market.”

“We believe that pharmacogenomics offers a way to develop safer and more effective medicines,” said Dr. Kazuhiko Tanzawa, Executive Officer and Director of R&D Strategy Department at Sankyo.

“This collaboration provides an excellent opportunity for us to incorporate this technology into drug development at Sankyo.”

Patcore, Inc., Genaissance's representative in Japan, assisted Genaissance in obtaining the contract.