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Genedata and Insilico Biotechnology in Systems Biology Collaboration

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Genedata and Insilico Biotechnology have announced that they will work together using systems biology to support life science companies enhance their biotechnological production methods.

The collaboration will combine Genedata’s computational systems for genomics data management and analysis with Insilico’s pathway simulation tools.

Systems biology probes the workings of biological pathways using a combination of simulation techniques and genome-wide, high throughput data.

The approach finds application in fields such as metabolic engineering and nutrigenomics, and is increasingly used for disease modeling and in drug discovery.

The collaboration between Genedata and Insilico will focus on biotechnological challenges in the fine chemical, food, feed and personal care sectors.

Target applications include guiding the development of high-performance microbial production strains used in industrial fermentation.

The collaboration will support life science research, for example, at Degussa and the Kluyver Centre for Genomics and Industrial Fermentation

"Our industrial partners seek closer integration between high throughput molecular data and the simulation tools used to engineer novel production strains," explained Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata.

Genedata has developed a systems biology platform for integrating pathway information with genome-wide expression data.

"There is a growing need for integrated and predictive methods to exploit -omics data," explained Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico Biotechnology.

Insilico has developed a software application suite, Insilico Discovery, to set-up and simulate large scale metabolic network models.

Klaus Mauch added, "We are proud to link our modeling and simulation tools with Genedata’s data management platform."

"Customers will benefit from novel, time- and cost-effective information that exceeds the limits of conventional approaches."