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Geneservice Announces Agreement to Distribute Biological Resources Developed by Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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Geneservice Ltd the contract research organisation and biological resource supplier has announced the completion of a worldwide license agreement to distribute selected biological resources developed by Roswell Park Cancer Institute

This license agreement reinforces Geneservice's position as the provider of biological and genomic resources to life science researchers worldwide.

Geneservice is one of the largest cDNA and genomic clone distribution companies in the world, and its portfolio of over 12 million clones is constantly growing through license agreements with leading academic institutions.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute is a cancer research and treatment center located in Buffalo, New York.

Founded in 1898 by Dr. Roswell Park, it was the first dedicated medical facility for cancer treatment and research in the United States.

The facility is involved in drug development and conducts clinical research for cancer treatment.