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Infinitesima Selected by the UK DTI for an R&D Grant

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Infinitesima Limited has announced that it has been selected by the UK Government Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for a Grant for Research and Development.

The selection is a prestigious award, reserved for companies in the United Kingdom which are at the forefront of research and development.

The grant will allow Infinitesima to advance its position in atomic force microscopy (AFM) technology.

The VideoAFM™ is used by researchers to view dynamic processes at the molecular level. The instrument also allows users to work with atomic force microscopes in the same manner as an optical microscope, scanning samples and viewing processes in real-time.

Because of its ability to view dynamic molecular processes in real-time, the VideoAFM™ is becoming a fundamental tool in the fast-growing area of Bio-Nanotechnology research.

The grant will enable Infinitesima to continue innovating in this area to bring the value of the VideoAFM™ to new markets.

Imaging 1000 times faster than conventional AFM’s, the VideoAFM™ is designed to allow users to visualize and interact with chemical or biological processes, at the molecular level, in real time. The VideoAFM™ supplies 25 images per second with full resolution.

The instrument allows researchers to operate the instrument much like an optical microscope, but at nanometer resolution.

The VideoAFM™ works in conjunction with existing AFM’s without affecting the functionality of the microscope. The VideoAFM™ also allows large surface areas to be explored before selecting features of interest for a more detailed investigation.