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InforSense and febit Announce OEM for Geniom Platform

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InforSense Ltd. has announced that febit has integrated key components of the InforSense platform to provide the data analysis and visualization functionality in febit’s new Geniom flexible microarray platform. febit has embedded the InforSense platform, workflows and visualizations and delivers them to customers with each Geniom instrument.

The InforSense platform provides rich data analytics and rapid application development capabilities. InforSense’s VisualSense offers sophisticated, interactive web based visualization of scientific data. The Geniom platform from febit delivers a completely configurable microarray environment as well as a growing portfolio of catalogue biochips.

Key applications include targeted sequence capture prior to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), as well as classical transcriptomic applications. When used together InforSense and febit enable a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical research customers to more effectively analyze and view their data to improve disease understanding.

“Geniom’s microarrays are completely configurable if needed, requiring very flexible tools for quality control tests, experimental design, data analysis, and visualization,” said Anthony Caruso, VP of Global Informatics at febit.http://www.febit.com