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Inpharmatica Licenses Biopendium™ to Schering

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Inpharmatica Ltd has announced that scientists from Schering AG, Germany and Inpharmatica Ltd will collaborate in the area of protein structures with the aim to prioritise proteins as drug targets.  

Inpharmatica will make its Biopendium™ as well as Chematica™ technologies available to Schering.

The objective is to develop techniques and approaches which will support Schering AG's project prioritisation activities.

This is the second such contract won by Inpharmatica and follows an agreement signed with Pfizer in January 2005 to assess druggability of a range of nominated proteins.

Biopendium provides comprehensive sequence annotation for over 150 organisms, making it the world's pre-eminent pre-computed, annotation database.

Superior annotation is generated by moving beyond traditional text-based data to a system that incorporates pharmaceutically relevant, protein 3D structure and ligand information.

Chematica and Biopendium are integral components of Inpharmatica's gene-to-candidate technology platform which integrates biology- and chemistry-based drug discovery activities.

Inpharmatica's technologies optimise target selection based on druggability, and enable rapid identification of hits and selection of high quality leads and pre-clinical candidates, which are prioritised on the basis of good drug-like characteristics and clinical indication.

Commenting on the announcement, John Lisle, CEO of Inpharmatica, said, “Target druggability assessment is essential for efficient drug development.”

“Inpharmatica has made a significant investment in this area in recent years culminating in our first collaboration in the area earlier this year.”

“We now look forward to this opportunity to collaborate with Schering AG in this exciting area, creating a valuable support to drug discovery decision making.”