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Labcyte Certified as a Green Business

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Labcyte Inc. has announced that it is one of the high-tech manufacturing companies in Sunnyvale to be certified as a Green Business.

The Green Business Program is a voluntary program that recognizes businesses that commit to full compliance with environmental regulations and take steps to prevent pollution, reduce waste, and conserve resources.  

The certification recognizes the continuing commitment of Labcyte to conserve resources and reduce waste and pollution.

"Labcyte is committed to protecting the environment. We have implemented practices that decrease energy and water consumption," said Keith Love, Vice President of Manufacturing and coordinator of the Green Business initiative at Labcyte.

"We have also reduced the amount of waste going to the landfills. In addition to being good for the environment, these practices reduce our operating costs."

"Furthermore, customers who use our "touchless" liquid dispensing instruments can eliminate a significant amount of plastics tips waste and cost, while improving accuracy, for a triple win."

"Our internal Green Business programs are a natural extension of the advantages of the products we provide to the life science R&D community," said Dr. Elaine Heron, Chief Executive Officer of Labcyte. 

"The users of our Echo™ 550 and 555 liquid handling systems report saving $100,000 to $300,000 annually through reduced amounts of plastic consumables and solvents."

"Our highly reproducible direct transfer of low nanoliter quantities uses focused sound energy to move liquids."

"This enables researchers to transfer their valuable test materials directly and accurately into their assay plates without touching them, avoiding the generation of contaminated materials from the transfer process."

"So, rather than doing an intermediate dilution that requires tips, additional plates and large quantities of solvent, this simplified procedure is not only better for the environment, but has also been shown to provide better results because compounds are often adsorbed on the surfaces they contact during the intermediate dilution."

Labcyte was assisted in the process of obtaining the Green Business Certification by one of the company’s investors, the Bay Area Equity Fund.