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NCGR Offers two new Services

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The National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) announced that it will offer two new services to investigators nationwide: next-generation DNA sequencing services and pipelining analysis services.

DNA Sequencing Services: NCGR will offer large scale, shotgun, clonal RNA and DNA sequencing using the Solexa 1G Genome Analysis System. These services provide comprehensive sequencing of the transcriptome, genome or regions of interest of any species.

Sequence Pipelining Services: NCGR will offer sequence pipelining services specifically designed for very large sequencing projects that involve next-generation sequence data.

NCGR sequence pipelining services feature Alpheus™, a  proprietary analysis and visualization platform designed for analysis of next-generation sequencing technologies, including Solexa 1G, 454 pyrosequencing and Applied Biosystems SOLiD sequencing-by-ligation.

These nextgeneration sequencing technologies feature gigabase-scale throughput and short read lengths that are problematic for conventional analysis pipelines. Key service features are automated data handling, a computational analysis pipeline, a results database and a web-based query and visualization interface.

The sequence pipelining service allows clients to view and analyze sequence alignments, nucleotide variants and splice isoforms, together with cross-sample comparisons via a secure web-browser.