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Oxford Gene Technology and Agilent Technologies Enter Into a Collaborative Agreement

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Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) and Agilent Technologies have announced the completion of a collaborative agreement giving OGT access to Agilent’s microarray platform, confirming OGT as an Agilent Certified Service Provider, and appointing Agilent as an OEM supplier for OGT designed microarrays.

OGT and Agilent’s Ink Jet in-situ synthesis (IJISS) and SurePrint™ platforms, will combine the experience and expertise of OGT in microarray services with Agilent’s microarray platform to provide a solution, giving the customer a flexible platform using high density microarrays, tailored to application services.

According to both the Companies, combining OGT’s experience in custom microarray design and data analysis with Agilent’s microarray tools including the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser™ and GeneSpring™ software suite will enable them to jointly develop a Centre of Microarray targeting emerging applications including aCGH, ChIP, methylation and microRNA.

Dr Mike Evans, Chief Executive at OGT said: “OGT and Agilent have always had a close collaborative relationship. This agreement is very exciting for OGT and Agilent as it gives our companies the opportunity to excel as a global Centre of Excellence.”

Dr Yvonne Linney, General Manager for Genomics at Agilent, said: “Agilent and OGT share a vision of energizing the discovery process through freedom of experiment design, highly sensitive tools and reproducible results. This close collaboration is the logical extension of this vision to a wider segment of the research community.”