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Oxford Gene Technology Grants DNA Sequence Variation License to Illumina

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Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) and Illumina are pleased to announce the completion of a licence agreement granting Illumina access to OGT patents for the detection of DNA sequence variations.

The granted licence, which will remain valid for the lifetime of the patents, provides Illumina with certain rights with respect to SNP genotyping.

"OGT continues to develop its licensing programme in the United States and is pleased to licence Illumina to our sequence variation patents which is as part of OGT’s broad patent portfolio," said Sue Sutton, Vice President Licensing North America at OGT.

Sutton continued, "OGT’s technology combined with Illumina’s BeadArray™ technology gives customers access to an extremely powerful SNP detection platform.”

"We are pleased to enter into this licensing arrangement with OGT, a company that has been recognised as being at the forefront of microarray technology,” said Jay Flatley, President and CEO at Illumina.

“Our license with OGT is relevant to a portion of our products and will not materially impact our expected financial results."