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The Automation Partnership's Advanced Projects Group Announces Successful Collaboration with Cellectricon

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The Automation Partnership (TAP) has announced its Advanced Projects Group, has successfully collaborated with Cellectricon, the Swedish provider of screening solutions for drug discovery, to produce fully automated high throughput patch clamp equipment known as the Dynaflow®HT System.

Patch clamping is the gold standard for screening ion channels in drug discovery. Currently, few commercial instruments exist for high throughput primary and secondary screening so TAP’s Advanced Projects Group of specialist engineers, software designers and biologists have worked closely with Cellectricon to produce the Dynaflow®HT System to meet this need.

The Dynaflow®HT System, which has been developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca in Sweden is now becoming commercially available and addresses the limits of existing ion channel screening equipment by combining high levels of automated throughput with data measurement.