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UBI to Market RBC's HIT Competent Cells in Canada

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United Bioinformatica Inc. (UBI) has announced an agreement with Real Biotech Corporation (RBC) to market their molecular biology kits in Canada. 

UBI uses Post Grads and Post Docs working in Canadian academic labs to provide marketing and support to the labs that use UBI products. 

Russell Trischuk, UBI Partner, has been using, testing and evaluating competitive molecular biology kits for over 9 years. 

Mr. Trischuk commented, “RBC’s HIT Competent Cells are amazing.  The protocol was literally one minute and required no heat shock.”

“The yields were close to 100%.  I have never before seen such a high quality product.” 

Fionn Quinlan, International Sales Manager explained, “A combination of proprietary technologies involved in HIT cells have been developed in our labs over the last two years.”

“These cells save over two hours compared to traditional transformation methods, while exceeding efficiency claims of established competitors.”

“The customer simply thaws the cells, adds DNA, mixes and plates immediately.”

With RBC, UBI has a very broad range of molecular biology kits available including competent cells, DNA and RNA extraction, plasmid isolation, nucleic acid clean up, cloning systems, polymerases, ladders, and proteomics.