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Latest Posters

A sample tube labelled with cfDNA

Optimized Target Enrichment for Reliable NGS of Fragmented cfDNA

This poster describes an optimized target enrichment protocol designed to enhance the capture and conversion of fragmented cfDNA for reliable NGS.

An Innovative Solution To Remove Monoclonal Antibody Aggregates

This poster details a resin-based approach employing immobilized caprylic acid, to effectively eliminate high aggregate levels along with host cell protein residues, for enhanced monoclonal antibody purification.
Cancerous tissue

Retrieve More Information From Limited DNA

This poster highlights how this technology can provide accurate detection of genetic variants and variant-associated methylation in colorectal cancer samples.

Measuring Genetics and Epigenetics at Single-Base Resolution

This poster highlights a cutting-edge sequencing technology which can simultaneously resolve all four genetic bases alongside cytosine modification status.
Detecting Contamination in Biopharmaceuticals

Rapid Contamination Detection in Short Shelf-Life Biopharmaceuticals

This poster explores state-of-the-art nucleic acid detection, the critical steps and the advantages of this approach.
Multi-Omics Data

Streamlining Data Integration To Unlock Multi-Omics Insights

This poster presents a solution that can offer results in less than 1.5 days, producing sequencing-ready libraries from total nucleic acid samples.
AAV Capsids

Achieve Baseline Separation of AAV Full and Empty Capsids for Multiple Serotypes

To meet these needs, we developed scalable capture and polishing chromatography steps for recombinant AAV. Here we highlight the polishing step.
Viles Vector

Productivity Optimization for AAV Affinity Chromatography

The industry has adopted standardized methods for the production and purification of rAAV, streamlining processes for greater efficiency. However, high titers are crucial for meeting demand and cutting costs for therapies that require large doses or have wide patient bases.
Tumor Microenvironment

Analyzing Tumor Heterogeneity With Mass Spectrometry and Spatial Biology

This poster highlights the latest spatial biology solutions for GBM tissue analysis, offering critical insights into the metabolic signatures and immune cell infiltration of this tissue type.
Fe Iron

The Future of HPLC/GC Solvents: Glass vs Aluminum Packaging

Traditional soda lime silica (SLS) glass bottles have long been the industry standard for the packaging of solvents; however, they may introduce unwanted ions such as Na+, K+, Ca++ and Fe+++ over time.