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Bacteria Virus Microscope

Accelerating Antibody Discovery Using BLI Biosensor Technology

Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) technology has greatly advanced the process of antibody discovery, and the latest platforms offer reliable, high precision analysis which researchers can rely on.
AAV Purification Techniques to Advance Gene Therapy

AAV Purification Techniques To Advance Gene Therapy

This poster highlights several methods by which the downstream purification of viral vectors can be improved using chromatography methods to analyse and purify multiple AAV serotypes.
Monoclonal antibody

Upgrade Your Monoclonal Antibody Purification Workflow

Recent advancements in affinity technology now support more robust and efficient Protein A chromatography. Hence, the latest Protein A solutions can enhance productivity, yield and accelerate products to market.
Tissue Sample

Spatially Profile Human Immune Cells Within FFPE Tissue Samples

Despite the valuable transcriptomic information provided by probe-based spatial assays, detecting immune cell infiltration can pose challenges
Biological insights into genetics

Simultaneous Measurement of Genetics and Epigenetics Enables New Biological Insight

There is more to DNA than A, C, G and T, epigenetics plays a causal role in cell fate, aging and disease development. Genetic and methylation data together on the same read allow us to get a more complete picture of genome biology. Constrained to measuring four states of information, existing NGS- based technologies sacrifice genetic for methylation calling.
Liquid Biopsy

Refining Liquid Biopsy: Generating More Information From Cell Free DNA

Liquid biopsy for profiling of cell free DNA (cfDNA) in blood holds huge promise to transform how we experience and manage cancer by early detection and identification of residual disease and subtype. However, a standard blood draw yields an average of only 10 ng of cfDNA, of which DNA derived from the tumor is a small minority.
Accelerate Drug Discovery With Chromatography

Accelerating Antibody Drug Development With Subdomain-Specific Affinity Chromatography

Affinity purification platforms such as Protein A or L are well-established in the manufacturing process of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. However, with the development of engineered modalities such as bi-specific antibodies, fragments and Fc-fusion proteins, challenges in the downstream process of these molecules arise.
Kinetic Analysis

Kinetic Analysis: Spotting the Weakest Binders

Designing and performing assays that accurately measure small molecule binding kinetics is an important part of the drug discovery process. It allows researchers to predict the efficacy of potential novel therapeutics and make quick decisions about weak binders.

The Latest Analytical Techniques for PFAS Monitoring

This poster compilation outlines the latest LC-MS/MS and QTOF MS methods for accurate environmental monitoring.
Modeling Neurodegeneration

Discover a New Approach to Modeling Neurodegeneration

This poster demonstrates how a novel, precise and highly controlled iPSC reprogramming technology overcomes these limitations and enables the generation of mature cell types and isogenic models of neurodegenerative disease.