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A Comparison of ITEX Dynamic Headspace–GC/MS to other Enrichment Techniques for Analysis of Flavoring Compounds

•To demonstrate the new automated PAL ITEX Dynamic Headspace unit is capable of analyzing flavoring compounds.
•Compare the ITEX to other enrichment techniques.
•Automate the analysis of these flavoring compounds using the ITEX.
•Reduce analysts time involved in the analysis.

•Analysis of flavoring compounds using a manual purge and trap GC/MS system.
•Analysis of flavoring compounds using automated dynamic headspace.
•Analysis of flavoring compounds using automated headspace and liquid immersion SPME
•Analysis of flavoring compounds using automated ITEX Dynamic Headspace Unit
•PAL RTC robotic sample handler for automated analysis.
•GC/MS analysis using an Agilent 5975C GC-MS

The automated ITEX Dynamic Headspace unit demonstrated equivalent accuracy and precision when compared to purge and trap and overall was more sensitive than the other enrichment techniques. The ITEX unit allows for automated analysis and optimization of conditions which drastically reduces analyst’s time when compared to performing the experiments manually with the purge and trap without any reduction in sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility.