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A Solution for Serial Dilution of Compounds in 1536-Well Microplates


High-density screening platforms are an integral part of any successful high-throughput screening facility. The reduced assay volumes associated with increasing well density lowers reagent costs, accelerates assay throughput, and can improve assay quality and reproducibility by minimizing assay duration. Kalypsys’ suite of uHTS robotic screening technologies has enabled unprecedented levels of efficiency and economy in a host of screening operations.

Based around 1536-well microplates and now in its third generation, the Kalypsys Systems uHTS System has a throughput of over 1 million assay wells per day, and an on-line storage capacity of over 2.2 million compounds. The focus on 1536-well miniaturization has created a need for liquid handlers that are capable of accurately and reliably transferring and diluting small volumes of liquid in 1536-well plates. Kalypsys has identified the TTP LabTech mosquito® as apractical and cost-effective solution for 1536-well low volume serial dilution.