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Discovery of Conserved Domains for Development of Functional Markers and Identification of microRNAs from Drought Responsive Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)


Domains can be thought of as distinct functional and structural units of protein. We have analyzed 5885 drought responsive expressed sequence tags (ESTs) for the identification of conserved domains and microRNAs in chickpea. The occurrence of conserved domains, super families and multi domains having putative functions like insect pest resistance, improved quality parameters, resistance to abiotic stresses other than drought viz., temperature, salinity, evolutionary functions and physiogenic nature have been identified. Identified conserved domains or gene families from the drought responsive ESTs could be utilized for the identification of gene-targeted markers and for development of functional markers to accelerate marker assisted breeding in chickpea. Based on homology and secondary structure analysis potential miRNA targets have been found for newly identified chickpea conserved miRNAs. These target genes included number of transcription factors that control plant growth, development and metabolic enzymes, as well as other genes involved in stress response.