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High-Speed Microwave Chemistry in Solution Phase. Applications Toward Transition Metal-Catalyzed C-P Couplings, the Kindler Reaction and Other Organic Chemistry Transformations

Speeding-up of organic reactions using microwave dielectric heating has attracted increasing importance in recent years. We show applications towards a number of various synthetic protocols. As tertiary phosphines are important ligands in transition metal-catalyzed reactions a fast synthesis via direct C-P bond formation is of considerable interest.

Additional, thioamides are essential building blocks for the preperation of heterocyclic scaffolds. Here a microwave-enhanced protocol for a one-pot three-component coupling reaction is introduced.

Furthermore an application of microwave technology towards the deracemization of sulcatol is described. In particular, we show microwave-assisted high-speed Mitsunobu inversions providing rapid and racemization-free access to both (R)- and (S)-sulcatol.

Finally, we show the influence of the reaction scale to the conversion rate, depending on the formation of byproducts. All experiments have been carried out in sealed vessels using a dedicated monomode reactor (Emrys™ Synthesizer) employing microwave flash heating.