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Improving the efficiency of 384 "mini-tube" technology using mosquito nanlolitre pipetting

384-well plate “mini-tube” consumables have been developed by automation companies such as REMP and The Automation Partnership (TAP) to hold compound samples divided into single-use storage tubes. Each tube holds 40 -75 µL, and is filled, sealed, stored and then thawed just once before use. However, when accessed by conventional pipetting technology, the tube’s practical working volume is as little as 20 µL, which means high compound wastage. The seal must also be pierced prior to pipetting to provide access to the sample.

TTP LabTech’s mosquito® liquid handler uses positive displacement pipetting which makes it uniquely suitable for this niche application. The disposable micropipettes can pierce foil or plastic seals, so there is no need for standalone piercing equipment. The micropipettes can reach to the bottom of 384 mini-tubes, leaving minimal dead volume. Mosquito is also able to dispense nanolitre quantities in order to create multiple miniaturised confirmation assays or serial dilutions from hit samples.