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Incorporation of Nanolitre Pipetting Technology into Medium and High Throughput SNP Genotyping Platforms at KBiosciences


An area of great interest in drug discovery at present is the process of genotyping in order to better understand how single nucleotide polymorphisms(SNPs) are associated with various disease states.

Companies are actively pursuing genotyping processes in medium and highthroughput fashion that will enable a large number of samples to be monitored in a short time frame and with minimal labour intensity. The genotyping process can be costly to run at all levels, especially in the consumption of expensive reagents such as PCR mixes.

spot-on™ nanolitre technology from Deerac Fluidics™ has been incorporated by UK genotyping services company KBiosciences into their high throughput system, which has enabled cost savings of up to 20 fold on previous techniques used.

This poster will describe the current process employed by KBiosciences. The vital role spot-on™ technology, incorporated into the Equator™ benchtop robotic liquid handling instrument, has played a in improving performance and reducing costs are highlighted. This has enabled KBiosciences to become cost competitive in the marketplace in the provision of their service.