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Library Production: A Database for the Enzymatic Production of Small Interfering RNA (siRNA)

Molecules that can specifically down-regulate gene expression are powerful research tools. Small interfering RNA(siRNA) is one of the latest additions to the repertoire of sequence-specific gene-silencing agents. The robustness of this approach has motivated researchers to develop less expensive alternative to the chemically synthesized siRNA reagents normally used.

One such alternative is endoribonuclease-prepared siRNA (esiRNA) technology tocost-effectively generate libraries for genome-wide screening in mammalian cells [1, 2]. The enzymatic production of esiRNA libraries starting from cDNA libraries in bacterial clones till normalisation to equal concentrations in the final 384-well plates including 4 quality control images after critical production steps for each molecule requires organization and tracking of vast amounts of data.

Here we present the Library Production (LP), a web-based tool developed in our laboratory that allows storage and integration of data from the production process. The LP tool is adatabase covering currently 15,000 - 30,000 esiRNA molecules each for three libraries and forms part of acomprehensive software package called Laboratory Information Management System of the Technology Development Studio (TDS-LIMS).