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SPR Imaging of Protein Microarrays for Detection of Antibody Binding

Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPR imaging) is an optical technique that, in combination with microarrays, can be used to study the kinetics of multiple biomolecular interactions. The main advantage is the ability to measure in a label-free and real-time manner.

In our study we have used the imaging SPR Instrument for Biomolecular Interaction Sensing (iSPR-IBIS) (IBIS Technologies BV, Hengelo, The Netherlands), for monitoring the binding of biomolecules to a protein array in a fully automated manner. A TopSpot instrument from BioFluidix GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) was used to spot the protein array.

By using fluorescently labelled antibodies, the binding to the immobilized proteins monitored with SPR imaging, could be confirmed on the very same sensor with fluorescence microscopy.