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Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Gyros Protein Technologies Introduces Gyrolab Generic Anti-AAV Kit To Support Gene Therapy Development

Ready-to-use kit enables detection of binding antibodies against AAV vectors without the need for serotype-specific assays.
A man in a lab coat holding a tube rack in a laboratory.
Product News

Partnership With Microsaic Systems for Optimer-Enabled Water Monitoring

New binders will be developed to multiple waterborne pathogens. Optimer will support continuous water monitoring for rapid detection.
Someone in a lab coat holding a green sphere that resembles the earth.
Product News

SGD Pharma Releases Its Latest Sustainability Report

SGD Pharma has published its latest 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report illustrating the sustainable practices deeply embedded in its business ethos.
Cell therapy.
Product News

Plurify and the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult To Develop Technology That Improves Purity of Cell Therapies

The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult), and Plurify have received over £340,000 funding from Innovate UK as part of the Transforming Medicines Manufacturing Programme.
A small globe sitting among shrubbery.
Product News

Mettler-Toledo Achieves Carbon Neutral Status for the 5th Year and Sets Further Sustainability Goals

Mettler-Toledo demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship and a sustainable future through its GreenMT and Supplier Engagement Programmes.
The membrane system for water injection.
Product News

Asahi Kasei Launches Membrane System To Produce Water for Injection

Asahi Kasei launches membrane system to produce water for injection - Leveraging
Microza™ expertise to enable lower energy consumption and higher water quality.
A HPLC system.
Product News

Validating HPLC Results Obtained Using Any Solvent

TESTA Analytical has published a new technical study that demonstrates the utility of its non-invasive liquid flowmeter for validating the performance of HPLC systems across a wide range of different solvents.
Influenza A.
Product News

Integrated DNA Technologies Announces New Primers and Probe Set To Identify H5N1 Avian Influenza

PCR/qPCR solution will support surveillance and monitoring of the current H5N1 strain of bird flu in response to multi-state outbreak in U.S. dairy cows.
Three researchers in a lab.
Product News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Novel Personal Dosimetry Device To Monitor Radiation Exposure in Real-Time

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of the Thermo Scientific™ NetDose™ Pro digital dosimeter, a wearable, connected device for monitoring radiation.
Cultured meat – a new era in food technology.
Product News

Products for Sustainable Food Development

AMSBIO offers a range of kits, media and reagents enabling development of food in a way that is not wasteful of our natural resources and is not detrimental to the environment or consumer health.