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Celselect Slides Validated Antibodies.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches Validated Antibodies for Rare Cell and Circulating Tumor Cell Enumeration

Antibodies validated for use with bio-Rad’s Celselect slides™ enumeration stain kits to enable immunostaining of captured circulating tumor cells in liquid biopsy samples.
A gloved hand holding a small packet of white powder.
Product News

Magritek Makes Benchtop NMR Available for Drug Analysis in Forensic Labs

Magritek, introduces its qIDsolve benchtop NMR software package, which is quickly being adopted by forensics laboratories around the world. Developed to meet the needs of regulated environments.
48-position Ziath Mohawk tube picker.
Product News

Rapid Retrieval of Whole Tissue Samples

The 48-position Ziath Mohawk tube picker from Azenta Life Sciences selects and picks wide, heavy, or tall tubes making this system perfect for retrieving individual whole tissue samples from storage.
X chromosomes.
Product News

Key Charpentier/Doudna CRISPR patent upheld by China National Intellectual Property Administration

ERS Genomics Limited announced its patent CN201380038920.6 was upheld by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) in response to an invalidation challenge.
Someone using an ipad with an image of a brain beside them.
Product News

ENPICOM Secures Financing From BOP Capital, BOM Brabant Ventures and Brings Dr. Colby Souders on Board

Investment to bolster international partnerships and advance AI-driven solutions for antibody discovery.
Antibodies fight viruses.
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Sino Biological Announces Services Partnership With Rapid Novor

Sino Biological and Rapid Novor partner to offer combined antibody development and sequencing services.
Scientist holding up a test tube.
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Metrohm Comprehensive Raman Library Update

Metrohm is pleased to introduce the first significant update to the Metrohm Comprehensive Raman Library (MCRL). With over 20,000 compounds, the MCRL is the largest library available on any handheld Raman instrument.
CollaFibR™ scaffold in 12-well plate format.
Product News

Highly Consistent Collagen Fibre Scaffold for 3D Cell Culture

Produced using a patented dry-spinning technology - CollaFibR™ from AMSBIO is a highly consistent collagen fibre matrix that closely mimics the biomechanical and biochemical properties of natural collagen scaffolds.
An electron microscope.
Product News

UC Enuity Is the Next Generation Ultramicrotome That Saves Users Valuable Time

Leica Microsystems, has launched UC Enuity, the next generation ultramicrotome for electron microscopy sample preparation.
Scientists in a lab.
Product News

ArgusEye Introduces AugaOne To Accelerate Downstream Bioprocess Development

AugaOne sensor system provides specific, real-time, and automated data to reduce mAb process development.