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A scientist working in a lab.
Product News

RedShiftBio Welcomes Sebastian Arevalo As New Sales Leader

Sebastian Arevalo's appointment strategically positions RedShiftBio to capitalize on growing opportunities in the biophysical characterization and bioprocess analytics markets, leveraging a proven track record in driving sales growth.
Cancer cells.
Product News

Bio-Rad Launches First Ultrasensitive Multiplexed Digital PCR Assay for Breast Cancer Mutation Detection

Highly sensitive and multiplexed assay for the detection, discrimination, and quantification of key mutations in ESR1 gene for breast cancer, developed for bio-Rad’s QX600™ droplet digital™ PCR system.
An individual loading a PCR machine.
Product News

New Applied Biosystems TaqMan QSY2 Probes Enable Multiplexing of Research Assays

Applied Biosystems TaqMan QSY2 probes enable multiplexing of research assays for up to 6 targets in a single qPCR reaction with industry-leading TaqMan performance.
A battery.
Product News

Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces a New In-Line Metrology Solution To Improve Battery Safety and Performance

Thermo Scientific™ lInspector™ edge in-line mass profilometer delivers real-time, full-coverage mass loading analysis for battery electrode coating.
Two scientists in a lab.
Product News

Agilent Launches New Advanced Dilution System To Increase Lab Efficiency

Addressing the growing need for complete ICP-MS and ICP-OES workflow automation in the lab.
DNA bases.
Product News

Estonia National Biobank Selects PacBio To Sequence 10,000 Whole Genomes

HiFi data generated on the Revioä system will support the EU and Estonian government-funded Center for Personalized Medicine and unlock discoveries across cardiology, mental and reproductive health, drug response, cancer research and rare diseases.
Product News

Lonza Appoints Wolfgang Wienand as New Chief Executive Officer

Wolfgang Wienand, currently CEO of Swiss CDMO Siegfried Holding AG, will become Chief Executive Officer of Lonza in the summer of 2024. Albert M. Baehny will retire from Lonza following a transition period.
A bowl of cornflakes next to a mug of coffee and a babies bottle of milk.
Product News

Simplify Your Analysis of Furan and Alkylfurans with Restek’s New Multicomponent CRM Mix

Designed for food safety labs analyzing these emerging compounds of interest, Restek’s new multicomponent mix meets all compounds listed by AOAC SMPR 2019.004 and Commission Recommendation (EU) 2022/495.
An assortment of different pills.
Product News

Streamline Nitrosamines Testing with Restek’s New Multicomponent Standard

Comprised of the most frequently targeted nitrosamine compounds for pharmaceutical impurities testing, Restek’s new, multicomponent Nitrosamines 7 Standard contains seven key nitrosamines in a single ampul.
narrow-bore GC columns.
Product News

Get the Most out of Narrow-Bore GC Columns With Intermediate-Volume (IV) Liners

The benefits of high-efficiency, narrow-bore GC columns are limited by sample transfer onto the column, but this step can now be optimized using Restek’s intermediate-volume (IV) inlet liners.