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The FlowSyn™ from Uniqsis
Product News

Heterogeneous Catalysis Reaction Optimization

At the forefront of flow reactor design, FlowSyn™ from Uniqsis sets the standard for automated optimization of heterogeneous catalysis reactions.
Eppendorf's Bioprocess Autosampler.
Product News

Eppendorf Simplifies Bioprocess Data Acquisition

Eppendorf introduces the Bioprocess Autosampler, which facilitates sampling 24/7 in short and regular intervals, gaining complete datasets.
The Waters logo.
Product News

Waters Corporation Unveils MaxPeak Premier Oligonucleotide Columns

Waters Corp introduces its newest MaxPeak Premier Oligonucleotide Columns to support applications for nucleic acid therapeutics and cell and gene therapies.

The Samsara therapeutics logo
Product News

Samsara Therapeutics Unveils Promising Autophagy Drug Candidate

Samsara Therapeutics has announced the company’s autophagy-inducing candidate SAM001, the first agent of its class to enter clinical trials.
Gyrolab® Generic Cyno ADA Kit Reagents
Product News

Gyros Protein Technologies Introduces Gyrolab Generic Cyno ADA Kit Reagents

Gyros Protein Technologies AB has announced the introduction of Gyrolab® Generic Cyno Anti-Drug Antibodies Kit Reagents, for the detection of circulating immune complexes of human IgG with cyno anti-human IgG.
The VisioNize Lab Suite seen on a laptop and mobile phone.
Product News

Holistic IoT Device and Lab Management Solution

Eppendorf has partnered with Clustermarket to offer a smooth integration between the Clustermarket equipment scheduler and Eppendorf’s VisioNize® Lab Suite.
The Personalis logo.
Product News

Personalis, ABRCC and Criterium Announce Major Prospective Clinical Trial

Personalis, Inc. has announced it has partnered with the Academic Breast Cancer Consortium and Criterium to carry out a prospective clinical trial to evaluate the clinical performance of the NeXT Personal® test.
The Agilent logo.
Product News

Agilent Expands Family of Intelligent GC Systems

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the release of the Agilent 8697 Headspace Sampler -XL Tray with 120 vial capacity.
An illustration of a horse and the POCKIT instrument.
Product News

HORIBA Introduces Simple PCR Test for Faster Strangles Diagnosis

HORIBA is highlighting the benefits of fast PCR testing for Streptococcus equi in under two hours.
White pills on a yellow background
Product News

Pharmacogenomics Research Could Save NHS at Least £41 Million Annually

An analysis of NHS prescriptions data has revealed the huge potential for pharmacogenomics to reduce ineffective prescribing and adverse effects, which could save millions of pounds for the NHS.