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ABI Unveils TaqMan® Low Density Array Gene Signature Panels

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Applied Biosystems has introduced four Gene Signature Panels as part of its TaqMan® Low Density Array (TLDA) product line for real-time PCR applications.

The arrays include the Human G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCR) Panel, Human Protein Kinase Panel, Mouse Immune Panel, and Human Endogenous Controls Panel.

The Applied Biosystems TaqMan Low Density Arrays are 384-well micro fluidic cards designed for analysing gene expression patterns in many samples across a defined set of gene targets.

ABI claims that, the arrays use gold standard TaqMan chemistry for quantitative gene expression and combine the accuracy, sensitivity and high reproducibility of real-time PCR with the convenience of pre-configured panels for target screening and disease association research.

The Gene Signature Panels are available off-the-shelf and in smaller quantities, and Applied Biosystems also offers custom TaqMan Low Density Arrays, allowing researchers to design their own assay panels by choosing genes of interest from 40,000 inventoried TaqMan Gene Expression Assays.