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Access Array™ System for 454FLX Amplicon Tagging

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Fluidigm's Access Array IFC, when used with a 454 FLX sequencer, can capture up to 12 kb of sequence data per sample, or 576 kb per array. Upcoming applications on the Access Array system, such as long range PCR, will allow for users to target up to 480 kb of sequence data per sample, or 23MB per array.

"Fluidigm's Access Array System has already been adopted by users around the world for targeted re-sequencing projects focused on research of cancer, miRNA, and population genetics, where the ability to inexpensively sequence large cohort studies is critical," noted Mike Lee, Fluidigm's Senior Director of Marketing. "The flexibility, ease of use, and cost effectiveness of our Access Array system will enable researchers to expand the scope of experiments on next generation sequencers," he added.  

Sequencing library preparation for next-generation sequencers is by far the most time and labor demanding component of the entire next-generation sequencing process. While necessary for whole genome sequencing studies, the process can be almost entirely eliminated for targeted re-sequencing projects through the use of amplicon tagging. By incorporating the adaptor sequences into the primer design, the final PCR product is ready to go into emPCR or onto the flowcell since it already contains the necessary capture sequences.

Fluidigm's new Access Array is the first IFC that features the ability to harvest the sample out of the chip.  Once the sample processing has been completed in the chip it automatically returns the sample to the inlets where they can be easily extracted and readied for sequencing.

Fluidigm develops, manufactures and markets proprietary Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC) systems that significantly improve productivity in life science research. Fluidigm's IFCs enable the simultaneous performance of thousands of sophisticated biochemical measurements in extremely minute volumes. These "integrated circuits for biology" are made possible by miniaturizing and integrating liquid handling components on a single microfluidic device (IFC). Fluidigm's systems, consisting of instrumentation, software and single-use chips, increase throughput, decrease costs and enhance sensitivity compared to conventional laboratory systems. Fluidigm products have not been cleared or approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use as a diagnostic and are only available for research use.