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ACD/Labs Launches LC/MS Software for Automated Molecular Weight Identification

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Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. has introduced ACD/IntelliXtract™, a LC/MS software package for automated molecular weight identification and LC/MS data interpretation.

ACD/Labs’ IntelliXtract is designed to ease the data analysis burden by combining existing ultra-sensitive peak extraction and noise reduction technology with an algorithm for automatic component identification and spectrum interpretation. IntelliXtract may also be used for comparison of samples.

Mark Bayliss, Director of Analytical Informatics for ACD/Labs, states, "This project is the result of more than two years of development, challenging every aspect of our thinking, capabilities, and knowledge, producing a product that has more than exceeded our original expectations."

"Our software development collaborators working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have reported a reduction of interpretation times from days (or weeks), to minutes (or days), even for complex samples containing many trace compounds."

Bayliss adds, "Oftentimes, the hurdle to the adoption of new software technologies is the steep learning curve associated with optimizing input parameters."

"Therefore, IntelliXtract was built to perform complex analysis procedures with a minimum of user optimization."

ACD/Labs claims that, ACD/IntelliXtract can be used to complement manual interpretation of data, or for automated data analysis in high-throughput laboratories.

IntelliXtract can also be used for sample comparison, which is useful for metabolism studies, impurity and degradant analysis, patent protection, and other areas.