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Advancing Therapeutic Antibodies With New Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology

Advancing Therapeutic Antibodies With New Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology content piece image
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Carterra® Inc., will host a series of symposia across the United States and Europe entitled, The therapeutic antibody revolution in the post-genomics era. The symposia will focus provide insight on using high throughput surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology to explore the full kinetic and epitope diversity of antibody libraries.

Presentations from leading industry experts and Carterra will demonstrate how high throughput SPR using the Carterra LSA™ is facilitating a paradigm shift in antibody screening, enabling higher information content assays to be conducted earlier in the research pipeline. This essentially combines screening and detailed characterization in the same step to increase efficiency and productivity and to reduce expenditure during drug discovery and development.

Dr. Yasmina Abdiche, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Carterra elaborated: “The Carterra LSA is a high throughput SPR platform that is disrupting antibody analytics. The LSA can measure the binding kinetics and affinities of hundreds of interactions in parallel and perform comprehensive epitope binning experiments on up to 384 antibodies per chip. With the additional advantages of minimal sample consumption and industry-leading analysis software, the LSA is streamlining the library-to-leads triage by saving time, cost, and resources in discovering clinically-ready molecules for a number of diseases and conditions.”

The symposia will take place in Cambridge, MA (September 10, 2019), San Diego, CA (September 17, 2019), San Francisco (September 19, 2019) and Munich, Germany (October 8, 2019).