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Affymetrix Launches GeneChip® Array Station

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Affymetrix Inc. has announced that it has launched the GeneChip® Array Station, an automated target preparation and microarray processing system that is designed to increase accuracy and lower the total cost per sample for large-scale studies.

By improving data consistency and decreasing the hands-on time needed to perform experiments, the Affymetrix Array Station enables scientists to accelerate discovery, publication, and bring tests and therapies to market quickly.

The Affymetrix GeneChip Array Station enables large academic institutions, central processing facilities and pharmaceutical companies to increase the scope and scale of research projects without requiring additional manpower.

The hands-on time for target preparation is reduced from approximately 12 hours to two hours, which results in a lower cost per sample.

"After using the Affymetrix GeneChip Array Station for the past eight months, we have been able to meet what would previously have been impossible deadlines," said Anna Kelly, research scientist, Genomics/Proteomics at Chiron.

"The automated target preparation has allowed us to process 70 percent more samples than we could have done before with the same amount of support staff, and also allowed us to start other projects ahead of schedule."

Co-developed with Caliper Life Sciences, the Affymetrix Array Station combines proven automation with microarray technology expertise to produce consistent results with higher quality data.

The array station features an upgraded Caliper Sciclone liquid-handling workstation and an on-board Twister® II plate handler for fast start-up and easy operation.

The complete system includes flexible instrumentation, Affymetrix-proven GeneChip microarrays, optimized assays and reagents, as well as open software architecture.

"This more efficient automated target preparation and microarray processing system is allowing scientists to extend their research beyond small pilot genetic and genomic experiments," said Sejal Sheth, senior business manager at Affymetrix.

"The Affymetrix GeneChip Array Station makes larger studies possible, helping to accelerate academic and pharmaceutical research and ultimately, improving health care by providing doctors with better therapies and more personalized medicine."

While optimized for use with the current GeneChip cartridges, it also features built-in capabilities that will allow it to process high throughput array plates.