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Agilent Introduces Dual-Mode Gene Expression Microarray Platform

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has launched the dual-mode, one-color/two-color microarray platform, offering researchers performance for gene expression research.

"Until now, researchers selecting a gene expression microarray platform had to choose between conveniences and resolving power," said Michael Booth, Agilent business manager, genomics. "Scientists no longer have to make that choice." 

"In a direct comparison of two RNA samples, two-color microarrays usually give the most accurate results, particularly for small changes of expression levels, because two RNAs are co-hybridized to the arrays," said Calvin Lin, Ph.D., director of gene expression, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

"However, for experiments involving large numbers of samples or across long time spans, experimental design for one-color microarrays is more straightforward and cost-efficient," Lin continued.

"The data we have generated demonstrates Agilent’s commitment to providing both excellent platform performance and superb quality control."

Agilent’s dual-mode microarrays can be used for either one-color or two-color experiments to match researchers’ requirements.

"By combining the flexibility of our dual-mode gene expression platform and the ability of customers to design their own microarrays through our eArray website, Agilent now offers the most versatile gene expression microarray platform available," Booth said.

"It is unique in its ability to adapt to scientists’ research requirements and goals, even as they evolve day by day."