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Agilent Launches ZORBAX Eclipse Plus HPLC Columns

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Agilent Technologies, Inc. has launched the ZORBAX Eclipse Plus line of HPLC columns, designed to deliver the resolution and separation of the challenging and critical basic compounds.

"This a major expansion of our popular ZORBAX family of columns for analytical, high-resolution and fast LC applications, including pharmaceutical, QA/QC, hydrocarbon-processing, environmental and food-safety analysis," said Helen Stimson, Agilent vice president and general manager, Global Columns and Supplies Solutions, Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis.

"ZORBAX Eclipse columns offer a best-in-class solution that lets users optimize all their LC analyses within a single family of columns."

The Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse Plus LC columns deliver: Peak shape for the difficult basic compounds; peak shape, efficiency, resolution and lifetime with all sample types - acids, bases and neutrals; reproducible performance, resulting from Agilent’s product QA/QC testing; efficient method development and method transfer; essential size options - available in 1.8, 3.5 and 5 um particle sizes for all analytical, high-resolution and fast LC analyses.

The columns are made using a silica-manufacturing and bonding process that Agilent controls, start to finish, under stringent QA/QC and lot-to-lot reproducibility standards.

The entire process is designed to consistently generate symmetrical peaks and resolution, even for the difficult separations.

ZORBAX Eclipse LC columns are well-suited for method development of all samples.

They are available in a wide selection of dimensions, particle sizes and bonded phases that work across a wide pH range and separation conditions.

Methods can be scaled from analytical to nano scale or preparatory scale, all within the same column family.

Conventional HPLC methods can be converted to fast or ultra-fast high-throughput chromatography without changing selectivity.

The offerings include a line of Eclipse Rapid Resolution High Throughput (RRHT) 1.8 um LC columns designed to optimize the performance of Agilent’s 1200 Series Rapid Resolution LC system.