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Alternative Splicing Data Analysis Software Launched by Jivan

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Jivan Biologics has announced the release of SpliceFold™; a software package for analysis of alternative splicing from microarray data.

Jivan's software is claimed to be the first dedicated solution for splice variant microarray analysis, scalable to whole genome and whole spliceome analysis for human, mouse and other organisms.

"With SpliceFold™ Jivan takes alternative splicing analysis to the next level," said Subha Srinivasan, PhD, CEO of Jivan Biologics.

"This user-friendly application enables scientists to get the most out of their splice variant microarray data."

According to Company, the SpliceFold™ software supports Jivan's genome-wide human and mouse splice arrays, while providing the flexibility to analyze data from non-Jivan array designs also.

SpliceFold™ implements algorithms as well as Jivan's own data analysis techniques.