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Applied Biosystems Introduces TLDA Gene Signature Panels

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Applied Biosystems, an Applera Corporation Business, has announced the introduction of four Gene Signature Panels as part of its TaqMan® Low Density Array (TLDA) product line for real-time PCR applications.

The arrays include the Human G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCR) Panel, Human Protein Kinase Panel, Mouse Immune Panel, and Human Endogenous Controls Panel.

The Human GPCR and Human Protein Kinase Panels are important tools for drug target screening and pharmacogenomics research studies.

The Mouse Immune Panel contains genes known for their involvement in inflammation, cancer, and cell proliferation making it a significant tool for disease association studies.

The Endogenous Control Panel is designed to allow researchers an easy way to select the appropriate controls for experiments.

Applied Biosystems TaqMan® Low Density Arrays are 384-well micro fluidic cards designed for analyzing gene expression patterns in many samples across a defined set of gene targets.

Applied Biosystems claims that, TaqMan® Low Density Arrays streamline reaction set-up, reduce reagent consumption, and require no liquid-handling robotics.

Gene Signature Panels are available off-the-shelf and in smaller quantities, ensuring faster results without the need to design large numbers of cards or assays.

"TaqMan® Low Density Arrays have always been ideal for a variety of drug discovery screening applications," said William V. Murray, Division President of Molecular Biology for Applied Biosystems.

"With our new Gene Signature Panels, researchers will now be able to combine the high level of performance of TLDA with the convenience of pre-configured panels specifically developed for key applications, including Human GPCR, Human Protein Kinase, Mouse Immune, and Human Endogenous Controls."

Applied Biosystems also offers custom TaqMan® Low Density Arrays allowing researchers to design their own assay panels by choosing genes of interest from 40,000 inventoried TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays.

The assay panels join the Human Immune Panel, which was launched in 2003 through collaboration with the Immune Tolerance Network.