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Arcturus Announces Launch of Paradise® Whole Transcript RT Reagent System

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Arcturus has announced the launch of its Paradise® Whole Transcript Reagent System (Paradise WT-RT) for whole transcript profiling from FFPE samples using Quantitative Real-Time PCR (QRT-PCR).

FFPE samples introduce challenges for gene expression profiling and gene expression quantitation, including potential chemical modification and fragmentation of RNA molecules.

RNA from archival of FFPE samples add further challenges through increased RNA degradation over time.

In addition to fragmentation, another big challenge posed by FFPE samples is the cross linking of RNA to other biomolecules in the tissue during the formalin fixation process that makes the RNA inaccessible to reverse transcription (RT).

The Paradise WT-RT reagent system was developed specifically to overcome these obstacles by providing RNA isolation and reverse transcription reagents optimized for use with archived FFPE samples.