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Atik Cameras Launches ChemiMOS; A New Cooled CMOS Camera, Optimized for Long Exposure Imaging

Atik Cameras Launches ChemiMOS; A New Cooled CMOS Camera, Optimized for Long Exposure Imaging content piece image
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Atik Cameras has launched ChemiMOS, the first in a series of high-resolution complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) cameras.

Atik Cameras is thrilled to launch ChemiMOS 9.0 today. This 9-megapixel camera, with set point cooling of -20°C, has been optimised for long exposures. Hours of exposure time has previously only been available with CCD technology, but is now possible with CMOS technology thanks to the ChemiMOS zero-amp glow and low-noise design. The square format, 'K' grade sensor is guaranteed for continuous use, while the 3000 × 3000 resolution and 3.76 µm pixel size are perfect for multiple scientific applications including chemiluminescence, western blotting and gel documentation. Benefits include very low-read noise of less than 2 e- and deep pixel full well of greater than 50,000 e-, allowing for unprecedented dynamic range. Cooling is optimised to minimise the dark current to around 0.005 e-/p/s, without the need for extreme temperatures, allowing for superior end user design. This latest generation of CMOS technology will be available for the foreseeable future, ensuring long-term, supply chain stability.

Additionally, Atik Cameras provides a collaborative customisation service. ChemiMOS can be supplied with a wide range of bespoke options, including an in/out trigger or an adapted case to suit specific requirements. Other sensors that can be available in this series include 26 MP, 60 MP, 102 MP and 150 MP. A comprehensive software development kit is available, complete with expert integration assistance with our in-house team. Calibration routines such as dark frame subtraction and off-camera image processing are included, meaning flexibility and transparency when operating the camera. There is no down time for recalibration as the sensor characteristics change over time.

Atik Cameras CEO Dr Panos Kapetanopoulos commented, ‘Atik is delighted to be at the forefront of this industry leading technology. We are able to offer new and existing customers a CMOS alternative that delivers superior performance amongst long stare cameras, formerly only seen in CCD cameras’