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Atik Cameras Partners With Leading OEMs To Support COVID-19 Testing

Atik Cameras Partners With Leading OEMs To Support COVID-19 Testing  content piece image
Credit: Atik Cameras
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Atik Cameras, a designer and manufacturer of advanced scientific imaging solutions, has further expanded its collaboration with leading global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) DNA amplifiers, securing multiple new contracts to supply high-performing cameras for reliable COVID-19 testing.

Under the new agreements, OEMs will access Atik Cameras’ robust range of off-the-shelf and customised charge-coupled-device (CCD) and complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) cameras that are ideal for use with PCR instruments. The company’s commercially-competitive VS series of scientific CCD cameras offer superior sensitivity and image quality, and are now proven across thousands of PCR installations. Furthermore, Atik Cameras’ Advanced CMOS Imaging Systems (ACIS) series has also been recognised as a camera suitable for meeting the imaging needs of PCR applications.

In part due to the new contracts, Atik Cameras’ parent company, the SDI Group, which is listed on the LSE Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and focuses on the design and manufacture of scientific and technology products for use in digital imaging as well as sensing and control applications, anticipates it will exceed its initial expectations for the financial year ending on 30 April 2021. In response, Ken Ford, Chairman of the SDI Group, comments: “We are very pleased that our Atik Cameras business unit has secured follow-on camera orders from OEM manufacturers of real time PCR DNA amplifiers for delivery by 30 April 2022. This is a significant endorsement of Atik Cameras’ design and production capabilities, in recognition of its strong expertise in delivering powerful, dependable imaging solutions for the life science industry.”

To further grow and strengthen its production capability, and facilitate increased delivery of products for PCR experiments, Atik Cameras has expanded its ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities to enable the company to work with more potential partners. Importantly, Atik Cameras is investing additional resources into the advancement of PCR technology, working with customers to develop the next generation of PCR instruments, with the aim of increasing processing speed and throughput.