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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Announces Call for Grant Applications

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Announces Call for Grant Applications content piece image
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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences announces its continuing commitment to the next generation of researchers and scientists with a call for registrations for its SPRI Grants for Genomic Research. Reinforcing its dedication to providing streamlined genomic workflow solutions, the company will award up to eight grants in 2022.

Grant program research areas include nucleic acid extraction, liquid biopsy, long-read sequencing, and genomics applications. Winners will be evaluated based on criteria that include research objective, genomic reagent request, and how the product would be used in the field of research.

“We strive to be a trusted partner of the research process to accelerate answers toward that next big breakthrough moment,” said Amy Yoder, Director of Genomics Product Management at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “These grants represent just part of how we continuously invest in the scientific community at every level to fuel creativity that can lead to advancements. We’re proud to be a part of the journey of researchers and are eager to review submissions.”

The grants will consist of $3,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) in genomics catalog products from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Applications will be accepted now through December 15, 2022. To apply and for a complete list of rules, visit https://www.beckman.com/reagents/genomic/collaboration-grantprogram/spri-grants.

The grant program has allowed previous winners to research a novel cystic fibrosis treatment, new cancer molecular diagnostic tools, and novel models to study diabetes and metabolism.

The company’s investment in the scientific community also includes sponsoring the iGEM Competition and the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Genomic Solutions Collaboration Program. More information on that can be found at https://www.beckman.com/reagents/genomic/collaboration-grantprogram/collaborate.