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BioCity and Oxford AHSN Partner to Accelerate Life Science Businesses in the Golden Triangle

BioCity and Oxford AHSN Partner to Accelerate Life Science Businesses in the Golden Triangle content piece image
Image credit: BioCity
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BioCity, a pioneering life science incubator and business collective, has announced a new strategic partnership with Oxford AHSN.

Working in partnership, the Oxford Academic Health Science Network and BioCity are launching a new Accelerator Programme in Berkshire and South Oxfordshire to catalyse growth in Thames Valley’s world-class health and life sciences cluster by supporting the development of start-ups, spin-outs and growth companies across the region’s research, clinical and commercial base.

The announcement of a Berkshire and South Oxfordshire-based Accelerator marks a first for BioCity, who have until this point, operated outside the ‘golden triangle’. Seen as a key area for life sciences in the UK, the ‘golden triangle’ is an unofficial grouping of research universities located in Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes, and London.

The strategic partnership between Oxford AHSN, who operate in the heart of the regional ecosystem, and BioCity, aims to strengthen collaboration and focus on scaling and sustaining the human and clinical impact of meaningful innovations.

The announcement further cements BioCity’s position as a leader in entrepreneur coaching within the life sciences. Using contemporary concepts and Lean Start-up methods, BioCity, who run entrepreneur coaching across their UK locations, also frequently deliver accelerators on behalf of industry partners, including Opportunity North East (ONE) in Aberdeen and The Biosphere, Newcastle.

The BioCity Accelerator has a proven track record. To date, over one hundred science entrepreneurs have graduated from the coaching programme before successfully launching life science businesses, securing investment, both via and independent of the BioCity investment fund, and attracting industry recognition.

Colin Roberts, BioCity venture development director, said, “This is a new geographic area for BioCity, we’re excited to discover some of the new ideas and work with new ventures on our first Accelerator in Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

“The strategic goals of Oxford AHSN are closely aligned with ours; together, we’ll be able to achieve our shared goal of supporting life science innovation at a regional level.”

At the completion of taster workshops focused on commercialisation with a cohort of twelve entrepreneurs and start-ups, Paul Durrands, the Chief Operating Officer of the Oxford AHSN said, ‘‘In our pursuit to build a business case for change, our collaboration with delivery partners such as BioCity is already making a good impact’’.

The Oxford AHSN has a leading national and international health and life sciences cluster, home to a rich and diverse community of innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and healthcare providers. The Oxford AHSN provides expert support along the entire health innovation pathway, from ideation, through prototype testing, system viability on to adoption. It fosters long term partnerships with industry, a culture of innovation in the NHS and economic growth, securing £123M of investment into the region to date.