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BioDiscovery Releases Nexus Copy Number Version 5.0 for DNA Copy Number Analysis and Visualization

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BioDiscovery has announced the release of version 5 of its Nexus Copy Number software, the platform independent and user friendly application for DNA copy number analysis of microarray derived data.

This latest version of Nexus Copy Number expands on the number of analysis tools available in the software and includes a cloud-based database, called Nexus DB, for secure storage, cross project queries, and global collaboration.

Some of the new features in Nexus Copy Number version 5 include a Survival Predictive Power tool allowing scientists to identify aberrant regions of the genome that have high degree of survival prediction accuracy.

Additionally Nexus Copy Number can now directly import from and export data to the UCSC Genome Browser, simultaneously display probe level data for multiple samples in a single display, support Affymetrix CYCHP files, incorporate methylation data, and much more.

Nexus Copy Number can integrate and process together, in a single project, data from commercial array platforms such as Agilent, Affymetrix, Illumina, Roche NimbleGen, as well as custom arrays.

The software is applicable to many types of studies from focused projects of a cytogeneticist to large scale cancer studies. BioDiscovery is attuned to such different needs and offers the product in a flexible and modular system to allow users to create configurations that are suited to their needs.